Private MTT Poker Coaching

Diverse and Scalable Theoretical Knowledge

Our goal is not to memorise thousands of solver grids and exact frequencies, but rather gain an understanding of the mechanics of different spots, so that you can approach new situations with clarity, and feel confident in studying hands on your own. 

High Impact Study

I want to help you see immediate improvements in your win rates. This means we will focus on the leaks that are costing you the most money, and systematically look through the biggest-impact topics. We will always have a dialogue before our sessions to determine how to get the best value for your money.

Applicable Strategies

It’s important to keep improving theoretical knowledge, but equally important to know what will really work in the games you’re playing. Using real, extensive data, we can figure out how your opponents deviate from GTO, and how best to exploit them.

Maximise Learning Time

I will always prepare materials ahead of time. I will identify key areas to work on, mark relevant hands, and prepare study material before the session, so that no time is wasted on these things during the session. 

Session Types


MTT Poker Private Coaching success story

Josha’s coaching has been great and practical, with a good mix of theory and exploitative play. We particularly focused on blind vs blind play and PKOs, and I now feel confident in these spots. Josha is definitely my lucky charm coach as I had my biggest scores both online and live after a few months working together. I am very thankful and would recommend Josha for everybody who wants to improve their game!

Christian ‘Khrristian18’ Hospina

You can follow Christian's poker journey on Instagram @khrristianvlog

Mtt Poker Private Coaching


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