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I am a 27-year old professional poker play from the UK. I’ve been playing full-time for over five years and have worked with hundreds of excellent poker players as a study partner, student, and coach, and have seen first-hand which strategies correlate to the highest win rates. Below are my lifetime results in $60 and under MTTs: 

My Lifetime results in $60 and under MTT's

I am still very much a student of the game, putting in several hours of study a week to deepen my understanding of GTO and keep up with the latest strategies and pool trends. All of my work now revolves around MTTs, although I did spend a year grinding app-based ante cash games. During that time, I was lucky to work around statistical experts, who taught me how to analyse population tendencies, and most importantly: how to crush weaker players. 


I have been coaching for the past two years and have had great feedback from all my students. In fact, many went on to have their career-best scores within a couple of months of working together. My most regular students were a group of four who I worked with for around 8 months. In this time we were able to more than double their ABI and increase their ROI in the process. You can see the before and after below. 



Some testimonials from the Study Group

” I joined one of Josha’s coaching groups and my BB/100 went from 5 to 10. His way of explaining spots is very clear and his thought process is fluent, and when he doesn’t know the answer, he knows how to figure it out. Great Coach, Great Guy “. – Eric

” Well, I’ve been like 4 months studying with Josha and it has been great. He was really helpful in finding huge leaks in my game and helped me improve a lot. I’m really convinced that most of my big scores from last few months have a lot to do with his classes. The thing is, that he has a really nice way of explaining things and we focus on topics and spots that are really going to affect your game and improve your understanding of it. I’m really happy with his coaching and I really expect to keep going with this really nice experience.” – Jesus

” Josha gets prepared for every session so it goes smooth. Overall great coach who cares about his students and gives great understanding about the game.” – Rafael


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